There is infinite joy offered to man
There is justice and mercy and kingdoms at hand
But money and wellness, reputation and drink
Turn our affections towards lesser things
We pleasure ourselves with the quickest delight
And galaxies even are shocked at this sight
Look at a raindrop search for the ocean
For more than a feeling, more than emotion
The rain’s in pursuit and in fact it’s relentless
It flows through the rivers to find its Atlantis
It’s stripped of all obstacles and reaches for sea
And somehow I’m finding that raindrop is me
Life is so fragile and fades with the wind
It’s given to us so let’s breathe it all in
If living is Christ and dying is gain
The fight for my life and success is in vain
In death I lose all and I still call it gain
The story reminds of the one with the rain
So let us surrender and sell all we have
With joyous celebration get rid of our trash
And all I can really desire is you
None of these temporary treasures will do
God is my fountain and I am to drink
A beautiful mountain with beautiful springs
Nothing compares to the actual well
Nothing you buy and nothing you sell
If I am the raindrop there’s one thing I wish
The ocean, the ocean, my only bliss
My soul’s set on fire, my heart burns anew
And all I can really desire is you

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